Top breeder 2000


Progency group, from left:

Broodbitch WW-98, Nordch, Dkch Diplomatica's Lovisa Ulrika,

Sch Moloss Wild Love, S & N ch Intch, Kbhv-00 Moloss Dolce Vita,

Sch Moloss Deci Dela and Intch Nordch Moloss Tsar Vapo


In year 2000 I became the best pugbreeder (swedish pugclub MopsOrden).I had almost 200 points more to the second.

Year 2000 I had 6 progencygroups after Diplomatic's Lovisa Ulrika, we were placed,2 x BIS-1,

2 x BIS-2, and 2 x BIS-3

 Have also had a breedergroup placed BIS-2

1999 also Nordch WW-98, Dkch Diplomatic´s Lovisa Ulrika second best brood bitch,

 in 2000 top winning brood bitch!



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